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Friday, March 04, 2005

Chatter News Print Magazine

This photo gallery displays images of the seven double-sided sheets that comprise a brochure that is based on the Chatter News Web site. The brochure is bound with a Cirlox spine, and with clear plastic covers. This photo gallery provides only a sense of the printed document. Unless a very large monitor is used, the image quality will render the images difficult to read. The printed Chatter News document is of good quality.

The brochure contains information about skiing and snowboarding at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing based in Golden BC. The Chatter News brochure is intended to be on permanent display in the lounges of Vertebrae and Solitude Lodges and in the hanger waiting room of Alpine Helicopters at Golden Airport. The brochure will also be placed in waiting rooms and offices where it is likely to be seen by skiers and snowboarders.

Copies of the brochure left in public waiting rooms should be clearly marked as to their assigned location.

Click the images to enlarge them. Use a window that is as high as possible, to allow as large an image as possible. Use the browser's "back" button to return to the Chatter News Ezine.

Page 1: Chatter News Introduction

Page 2: Glacier Skiing at Chatter Creek

Page 4: Tree Skiing on East Ridge and Lodge Ridge

Page 3: The Road to Vertebrae Glacier.

Page 5: Skiing the Cut Blocks at Chatter Creek

Page 6: Skiing the Clamshell and Ski Photography by Mark Gallup.

Page 7: Ski Photography by John Dougall

Page 8: Happy Campers at Chatter Creek

Page 9: Bombardier Snowcats and Lodge Life at Chatter Creek.

Page 10: Favorite Photos from Chatter Creek

Page 11: Navigating the Chatter News

Page 12: Embedded and Related Links in the Chatter News.

Page 13: Chatter Creek Cat Skiing Photos

Page 14: Chatter Creek Cat Skiing Photos